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Sato Twins

About Idle Idol

Greeting you from on top of buildings with large moving claws, outside shops with a fist raised to the sky and in restaurant windows staring unblinkingly, mascots are commonplace in most cities. Idle Idol collects these wonderful 3D characters found all over the world. Discover antique advertising characters, modern-mass produced mascots, unique one-off designs for small stores and even strange park figures. Learn their names, origins and stories. Sometimes strange, often fascinating but always interesting, meet these amazing characters in Idle Idol.

Our first book Idle Idol The Japanese mascot collects these wonderful 3D characters found all over Japan. Meet the legendary Kappa who eats children and cucumbers, Pipo-kun the Tokyo police forces orange alien, Anpanman, the Mickey Mouse of Japan and many more. Take a look inside.

About Us

Idle Idol was written and photographed by What What which is made up of twins John and Edward Harrison. When not taking photos of mascots they design, illustrate, animate and make badges. John lives in London while Edward lives in mascot heaven; Tokyo. They are also the authors of Fuzz and Fur, Japan’s Costumed Characters.