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Big Crabs in Japan

Osaka mascot crab

moving mascot crab

moving eyes

moving crab mascot

Moving crab mascot

moving crab

Big Crabs in Japan

Japan has a thing for big crabs, a huge Japanese spider crab was recently caught measuring 10 feet from claw to claw. Two fur suit mascot crabs promote Kasumi a small town in Hyogo famous for catching crabs. And there’s even a super cool crab clock in Tokyo. These crabs however are dwarfed in size by the moving mascot signs which are found above many seafood restaurants in Japan.

The most famous and possibly the first was made by the restaurant Kani Doraku in 1960. The claws and legs move up and down as do the eyes. The mechanized mascot on Dontonbori Road in Osaka proved popular and led to many other restaurants installing their own. Huge moving crustaceans and other sea creatures can be found all over Japan, variations include octopus, squid and lobsters.

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