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Bird Watching

Elle's Love Hotel Pelican

Omotesando Flamingoes

Bird Watching

Pictured here is one pelican from a pair guarding a gaudy love hotel in Ikebukuro. I like the fact the two kanji used for Ikebukuro are literally pond and bag it almost sounds like an insult and somehow alludes to the seedy repuatation of the area. Ikebukuro has two love hotel districts, in one of them you can find Hotel Ell’s and the two pelicans. Most Love hotels seem to have English names in an effort to sound more exotic and exciting. The hotels list three prices (also in English): one is for ‘rest’, which can be for a couple of hours; one for a ‘stay’, which is for overnight; and lastly one for ‘service time’ or ‘free time’, a cheap alternative during off-peak hours.

The two flamingoes were found in Omotesando, Tokyo. I love the way their beaks hook over the railing.