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Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

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Idle Idol is now available to buy from the What What Shop. To look inside before you buy check it out here and here.

Heres what people are saying about it;

“An Entertaining and Richly Observed Japanese Tradition”
Grady Harp

“Fabulously bright photos, in depth descriptions, history and locations of these wondrous Japanese mascots. 140+ pages of them! The Japanese are obsessed with cartoon characters, and this book gives a real insight into the history of brand marketing in Japan and it’s influence on the development of Manga in the 20th Century. A lovely production.”
Lyneon Brazman

“The stories for each mascot is short but entertaining, sometimes hilarious.”

“For any Japan enthusiast, this is a must-have book…. While I initially bought it to pass on to a good friend, I’m now keeping it for my own collection while they got a giftvoucher.”

“If you like 3D images and are visiting Japan this book gives a real flavour of what you will see on the streets of Tokyo & other big cities.”