mascots from around the world


Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

Competition Winners

1st prize They could be twins © 2010 trentcsc

2nd prize Hodag Attack © 2010 wplyn

3rd prize Popeye © 2010 buffalok08

Mike hanging out with Jollibee © 2010 silverakshi

Takeout © 2010 MyUtopian

Mr Frite & I © 2010 Anam_uk

David and Wicked Servant © 2010 Keemka

Big Ed with Gorilla © 2010 BigEd Stites

Mr.Hot Dog © 2010 Getwithit

bilz y pap © 2010 cristalyeah

Pillsbury Doughboy © 2010 EvilDilara

Father Christmas © 2010 Elanor Bull

Anton London

Green Chinese Dude © 2010 Anton

Competition Winners

We had lots of great entries to the Idle Idol competition but have finally decided on the winning three.

Third place went to Kim Papa (buffalok08) for ‘Popeye’ an amazing mascot from the border of Thailand and Burma. The character represents a burger and pizza restaurant called Popeyes. What a great colourful shot and fun pose.

Second place went to Warren Lynn (wplyn) for ‘Hodag Attack’ found in Wisconsin. An unusual and very large Idle Idol.

First place went to Trent Clarke for his shot ‘They could be Twins’ taken in Den-den town, Osaka. One of the earliest entries, we particularly liked the twin reference and the pose of the friend and Kamen Rider.

Well done to you all, we hope you enjoy the prizes which should be arriving soon. Thanks to everyone else who entered, we’ve included the runners up below. We particularly liked Big Ed with Gorilla, looking slightly uncomfortable but as though he’s pretending to be friends with the large ape.