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Construction Barrier Animals

Japanese construction barrier animal

rabbit barrier

© 2010 Paul Keller

yellow barrier rabbits

© 2010 ykanazawa1999

Japanese construction animal barriers

Construction barrier Kyoto

© 2010 Helen.B.2009

Japanese construction animal barrier

Japanese construction animals

Japanese construction animal barriers

construction barrier animal







Construction barrier animals

In Japan even the construction barriers are made to look cute. Here’s my collection of various animals used to guide pedestrians around roadworks and block off construction sites. Animals include a rabbit – in a number of colours, two types of frog, a penguin, monkey, and what I guess are two raccoons or tanuki. Also spotted in Kobe is a rather brilliant elephant. Thanks to Paul Keller, ykanazawa1999 and Helen.P.2009 for their barrier animal photos.

*Update* I finally found my own elephant barrier in Shiga.

*Update 2* I found a human barrier character and added some more from the web. And if you’re in Japan you can rent then from here.