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Domo-kun – NHK’s wide-mouthed monster

Domokun mascot

Domokun chillen

Domokun nervous


Domokun has an exhibition on at Parco in Shibuya where you can see some of the wonderful sets, cute figures, buy some merchandise from the shop and see a furry mascot standing outside. The small exhibition also has all the stop-motion animations for you to watch. The exhibition started on the 26th of March and ends on the 12th of April. Open 10.00-21.00 and its free.

Domo-kun is the mascot for NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organization). He’s appeared in a number of 30 second stop frame animations shown in between shows. His story begins with him hatching from an egg and falling into Mr Usaji’s house. Mr Usaji is an old rabbit who loves TV. Domo-kun ends up living with Mr Usaji and watches lots of TV. Domo-kun is gentle and strong, when he’s nervous or annoyed he farts. Domo-kun can only communicate by making a low pitched noise and has his mouth permanently open.

Find out about all the characters and the latest Domo-kun news on his website theres lots of great pictures and its in English too.