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Harajuku Doraemon

Green Doraemon

Doraemon socks


If you’ve ever visited Japan you will have seen him, the unmistakable grinning robotic cat. Doraemon is from the 22nd century, he came to present day earth to help the young Nobita, a young boy who is always getting picked on by bullies and shouted at by his teachers and parents. Doraemon was sent by Nobita’s great-great grandson to help him improve his life and thereby help his descendants improve their status. Doraemon has a special fourth dimensional pocket where he stores various tools and gadgets to help the young boy, including a takekoputa (flying machine) and a dokodemo door (a door to another place). Although he always means well, the friendly robot cat often makes things worse for Nobita, since the boy always tries to solve his problems too hastily, which causes his plans to backfire and the special gadgets he uses to work unexpectedly.

Doraemon’s ears were bitten off by a robotic mouse from the future and he has since developed a fear of mice. Despite the lack of ears he can still hear perfectly well. In March 2008, Japan’s Foreign Ministry appointed Doraemon as the nation’s first ‘anime ambassador’. Time magazine nominated the cat as an Asian Hero.

The Doraemon-man/woman (I’m not sure) was found near Harajuku station with the usual cosplayers who hang out there on Sunday. The unusal green and yellow Doraemon was painted on a retro game shop just outside Kamakura and the socks were spotted at the International Anime Fair.

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