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Elephant slides

Tokyo Elephant slide

Samezu, Tokyo

Tokyo elephant slide

Yokosuka, Kanagawa

Samezu elephant slide

Really really near my place in Samezu, Tokyo. Like most Tokyo parks it's depressingly small. This guy brightens the place up though

elepaht slide

© 2010 grooble Komagome, Toshima, Tokyo

Elephant slide

A unusal triple elephant slide in Toyonaka City, Osaka Japan. © 2010 matsuyuki

Elephant slide

An old american slide from the 1950s found in Hartford, Wisconsin. © 2010 Nels P Olsen

Elepahant slide

© 2010 Balloon cat

Elephant slide

© 2010 Jef Poskanzer

Elephant slide

A more unusual example that defies the convention of using the slide in place of the trunk © 2010 Ed.ward

Elephant slides

In parks all across Japan and indeed the world the elephant has provided park designers with one of the best ideas for transforming a boring park slide into a thing of awesomeness. I previously showed a small collection of park animals from Japan but I’d like to look more closely at this one type of character which is commonplace in parks around the world.

To see more elephant slides check out our Flickr gallery. Previous elephant entries on Idle Idol include Elephant and Castle and Elephant Parade.