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Hakusyon Daimaou


Hakusyon Daimaou

Hakusyon stands outside the Incubator Bank of Japan but perhaps not for very much longer. Known in the west from the cartoon ‘The Genie Family’ or ‘Bob in a Bottle’, the show starred ‘Hakusyon Daimaou‘. His name literally means “Sneeze Satan.” The friendly Arabian genie would grant wishes to anyone who sneezes near his bottle but was sent back if they sneezed again. His daughter Akubi on the other hand would grant wishes for those that yawned and Hakusyon’s wife gave wishes for a hiccup.

Incubator Bank wasn’t as successful as the long running animation and filed for bankruptcy protection on September the 10th 2010. The Japan Times reports that;

Mr. Kimura, former chairman of the bank, and Mr. Tatsuya Nishino, the bank’s president, were arrested in July on suspicion of obstructing an audit of the bank by the Finance Services Agency, and were indicted in August.

As of Sept. 10, 126,779 people had deposits totaling ¥582 billion at the bank. Of the depositors, 3,423 people or 2.7 percent, who have a total of some ¥1.1 billion at the bank, will not get full refunds because they deposisted more than ¥10 million.

I wonder what will happen to the mascots now, maybe they should give them to those people that don’t get the full refund.