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Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

Inflatables – Air filled mascots

Shibaura Water Recyling Center

Mobile phone mascots

Case closed

crisps in osaka


I avoided having any inflatable characters In the Idle Idol book as they didn’t quite fit in. Going to the Tokyo international Anime Fair last week I spotted quite a few inflatable characters so thought it would make an interesting collection for the website.

The first character is Mr Earth, the mascot for Tokyo’s Shibaura Water Recyling Center. Check google maps to see a huge version of him painted onto their reservoir tanks.

Next we have Otosan the softbank dog and Docomodake the Docomo mushroom. Both mascots are for Japans two biggest mobile phone providers. Otosan (Japanese for dad) stars in the softbank adverts. He also has his own DVD showing his daily life.

The huge Stitch was in Akihabara. Stitch is extremely popular in Japan. It was a Japanese animation company who produced a spin off animation set on a fictional Okinawa island. Next we have a random pink ball from somewhere near Ueno, Then Pickachu and Maneki Neko. The large boy with glasses is Detective Conan a popular character from the Case Closed manga. The penguin is the Suica mascot, Suica is a rechargeable smart card for use on the trains, in convenience stores and at vending machines. The big mouthed guy in the hat is Karuojisan who’s the character for a brand of crisps. The big lion was on some random pachinko building in Tokyo.