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Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

Kyuta – Tokyo’s No1 Fire Fighter

Fire department show

Thumbs up Kyuta

Kyuta loves Tokyo

Batteling a fire

Kyutas clothes

Kyuta costumes

Kyuta ambulance love Tokyo

Kyuta Japanese fireman sign


Last time I wrote a post on Pipo-kun the police department mascot so I thought I’d show you his opposite number – Kyuta. Kyuta is a fireman from the future and the mascot for the Tokyo metropolitan fire department. Kyuta wears a blue helmet, which represents water, and a red suit, which represents his fearlessness; his yellow antenna lights up when he detects danger, and his chest is imprinted with the emergency telephone number. Kyuta’s name comes from the 9 in 119, which in Japanese is pronounced kyu. Also the two kanji 急 and 救, which mean “rapid” and “rescue” are both pronounced kyu.

The first image is from the fire department show at Tokyo Big site which happens every year. In Japanese the event is called Shobo Dezome-shiki and features acrobatic performances from firemen climbing up ladders. To find out more about the event click here.

The first Idle Idol was found outside a Fire station near Tokyo Tower while the other more expensive looking one was at the Fire Department show. In the other photos you can see various images of Kyuta from signs on construction sites and the shield on the side of a fire engine and ambulance. He’s also shown wearing various costumes alongside a female version too

Like Pipo-kuns website you can download, print and make a paper vehicle. Also on Kyuta’s site are some fire engine wallpaper images or even his irritating theme song if you’re so inclined.