mascots from around the world


Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

Mario – Nintendo Superstar

Mario in Okinawa


Mario & Yoshi sign

Real life mario


In Naha, Okinawa’s capital you’ll find Kokusai-dori a long street lined with endless tourist shops and restaurants. This might be boring if it wasn’t for all the different mascots the shops have outside in an attempt to stand out from the rest. Walking along the street I spotted not one but two Marios. The third Mario was found in Tokyo on another island. This time in the Panasonic centre on the man made island – Odaiba.

Some non-idle idol pictures added as I thought they would be interesting. The mental looking Mario was spotted in Akihabara. Its a hand drawn label attached to a Yoshi toy. Mario appeals to his friends and asks them to buy the toy. The final picture was taken in Osaka. A group of around 10 people sped past Sankaku Koen (Triangle Park) on quads. There were at least 3 dressed as Mario, trailed by Waluigi, Luigi and Yoshi.