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Idle Idol: Mascots from around the world

Moustache Mascots

Moustache Mascots

As part of Movember we thought it was the perfect time to introduce some marvellous moustachioed mascots.

Movember is a special movement which takes place throughout the month of November. It began in 2003 and gives men a great excuse to grow a moustache for charity.

We thought we’d highlight some special Idle Idols from around the world that sport a mighty moustache, we’ve chosen a selection for each of the thirty days of November.

1. Mario
Mario needs no introduction, he’s one of the most iconic mascots in the world and has an equally iconic moustache. If you’ve ever wondered what Mario would look like without his famous moustache, wonder no more! Also if you’d like to see what he’d look like with a variety of other moustache styles check out this picture.

2. Hakusyon Daimaou
Hakusyon stood outside the now bankrupt Incubator Bank of Japan. Known in the west from the cartoon ‘The Genie Family’ or ‘Bob in a Bottle’, the show starred ‘Hakusyon Daimaou‘. His name literally means “Sneeze Satan.” The friendly Arabian genie would grant wishes to anyone who sneezes near his bottle. Hakusyon has a rather unusual moustache made using his nostril hair!

3. Koumon-sama
Koumon-sama is the aged mascot for the shop Hankoya-san 21. The shop specializes in the seals, referred to as inkan or hanko, used to certify official documents. The mascot is modelled on Koumon-sama, the main character from the drama Mito Koumon. At the end of each episode Mito Koumon shows his inro, a protective case holding his seals, to reveal his true identity, which invariably causes the villains to run away or beg for forgiveness. Kuomon-sama has a traditional old mans moustache which merges with his beard. His moustache demands respect and is a classic for the wise old man.

4. Colonel Sanders
The Colonel sports a goatee and moustache, the style is even sometimes refereed to as ‘The Colonel Sanders’. To find out how to grow one check all about beards website.

5. Daruma Daijin
This moustache perfectly accentuates the scowling expression of Daruma Daijin. Modelled on the chef and owner of a chain of kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka his bulging eyes and chin extend outwards accompanied by a voice which warns customers against double dipping in the shared sauce.

6. Pep boys
The Pep Boys are made up of Manny, Moe & Jack, they are the founders of the tyres and autoparts chain. With two out of the three rocking the moustache they make quite the team. I’m sure it’s a big reason why the company is one of the fastest growing in the United States.

Photo © Leslie F. Miller

French Fry Guy

7. French Fry Guy
This is probably the only time you’d like hairs on your fries. French Fry Guy looks pretty proud of his moustache as well he should. You can see more French Fry mascots here, sadly not all of them have moustaches.

Photo © ricko

8. Tyson
Heavyweight champion, the ferocious and controversial boxer is well known for his fierce punches, ear biting and for his impressive moustache.

9. Golfer
When you have at least 2 inches of space between your nose and mouth it’s best to fill it with something, like a thick moustache. The golfer looked like he’d been in a few battles and had actually lost his club but the owner had lovingly restored the mascot with a little bit of tape. Both Tyson and the Golfer were found at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

10. Chefs
Chef mascots are found all over the world and they’re always accompanied by a moustache. Many of the chefs featured stand outside Italian restaurants and many have opted for the handlebar style. The handlebar moustache is also sometimes known as a “spaghetti moustache”, because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.

Waiter and Mr Build

11. Waiter
It’s not just the chefs that have moustaches in restaurants, so do waiters. This waiter stands outside an Italian restaurant in Japan. His moustache is understated but practical.

12. Mr Build
Colour coordinating your moustache with your cap, dungarees and even shades seems daring but Mr Build pulls it off.

Father Christmas

13. Father Christmas
Long white and curly his facial hair takes up atleast 30% of his face. What does Father Christmas hide beneath the mounds of hair. More presents! This is probably a fairly controversial entry as the moustache is almost lost amongst the beard but nevertheless the Father Christmas has a moustache. With such quality beard growth the moustache options available for Santa are endless.

Charlie Chaplin

14. Charlie Chaplin
Hitler pretty much destroyed the popularity of the toothbrush moustache and despite the success of Charlie Chaplin the ‘postage stamp’ moustache never quite recovered. The moustache was popular during the 1920s among working-class men who objected to the flamboyant Kaiser-style moustaches of the upper classes. The toothbrush moustache should only be grown by the brave or foolish or if you’re a stand-up comic. Richard Herring grew a toothbrush moustache for his tour the ‘Hitler Moustache‘. The original idea for his ‘Hitler Moustache’ tour came about when he had the idea reclaiming the toothbrush moustache for comedy – it was Chaplin’s first, then Hitler ruined it. This is the reason that Charlie looks so sad in the picture, maybe you can help him and follow in Richard Herrings example and claim back the toothbrush moustache for mankind.

Photo © Dmitry

15. Royal Guard
This mascot is a large version of a nutcracker toy. The soldiers’ split handlebar and chinpuff combo is something to be admired.

16. Mr N-T
This is probably the sort of moustache I’ll end up with at the end of Movember. Still, Mr N-T seems happy with it.

Photo © liechtenrose

Asterix and Obelix

17. Asterix and Obelix
The adventures of Asterix was created by René Goscinny in 1959, and 34 comic books have so far been released. When I was a young boy and I first read the comics they were probably the first characters I’d seen that weren’t bad guys that wore moustaches. Come to think of it most of the Gauls in the village had moustaches, even Dogmatix the dog had one. The chief of the village Vitalstatistix probably had the largest moustache in the village. In my opinion Asterix and Obelix are fantastic moustache ambassadors.

Photo © Ana Gawryszewski

18. The Mexican
This is Pedro a mascot for ‘South of the Border’ or SOB as it’s sometimes known. SOB is a Mexican themed roadside attraction in South Carolina, America. Interestingly enough ‘the Pedro’ is a moustache style too. The Pedro Sanchez is named after a character from the film Napoleon Dynamite who has a flimsy moustache often seen on teenagers who can’t grow a real moustache, but attempt to anyway. This particular Pedro however has quite a respectable handlebar moustache.

19. Cowboy
The Dells Cowboy is from Wisconsin Dells in America and stands outside a Mobil gas station. Modern cowboys popularised the horseshoe style moustache however this cowboy seems to have gone for a subtle handlebar moustache like Pedro the Mexican.

Photos © Debra Jane Seltzer

20. Muffler Man
Behold the muffler man and his moustache. You may be thinking; “what the hell is a muffler man?”. The name derives from the fact that many of the statues used to hold a car muffler. This particular muffler man is located in Tijuana and is mounted near the roof of an auto repair shop. Muffler men are dotted all over America and are large fibreglass statues approximately 18-25 feet high and are used to advertise and promote various roadside businesses.

Photo © Andreas

21. Pirate
Important pirates need a moustache, it’s part of the uniform. The pirate on the left has a beard and moustache combo, the moustache is well defined and is almost separate from the beard. A good pirate always finds time to maintain his moustache in-between plundering.

The pirate on the right is Captain Horatio Pugwash, despite being a pirate he committed very few acts of piracy but of course loved gold. Pugwash captained a ship named ‘The Black Pig’ and he first appeared as a comic strip in the Eagle in 1950. He then went on to star in several animations throughout the years. Captain Pugwash boasts about being the bravest buccaneer and is known for his exclamations such as “Lolloping landlubbers!”.

Left Photo © txmx 2

22. Fisherman
It’s a well known fact that all fisherman have moustaches and beards as it keeps their face warm on those cold nights at sea. This guy has caught a whopper, he didn’t even need a net, he just reached into the sea and grabbed it with his bare hands. What a man!

23. Butcher
British and proud, that’s what comes to my mind when I see this character. I also get the impression he’s a top notch butcher as you’ll notice his moustache is well groomed and maintained.

24. Frenchman
This stereotypical Frenchman is delighted with his moustache and so he should be. The word “moustache” actually derives from the French word ‘moustache’ (16th century), before that was the Italian word mostaccio (14th century) and then from Medieval Latin mustacium (8th century), then onto Medieval Greek moustakion (attested in the 9th century), and origin is said to be from a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek mustax (mustak-) “moustache”, probably derived from Hellenistic Greek mullon “lip”…..and now you know! Thanks Wikipedia.

25. Chinese Man
This mascot is proudly displaying a classic example of a the ‘Fu Manchu’ moustache. The ‘Fu Manchu’ is similar to the horseshoe or biker moustache but the main difference is that the sides are shaven and the ends of the moustache are grown long. The ‘Fu Manchu’ was named after a fictional character called strangely enough Fu Manchu! Christopher Lee famously played the character in a series of films in the sixties. Famous characters that have had a Fu Manchu include, Worf from Star Trek, Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my favourite example Ming the Merciless.

26. Pig
The only animal in our collection that was found with a mighty moustache. The placement of the facial hair is a little unsettling as it appears to protrude from above the snout.

27. Karuojisan
An inflatable in Osaka advertising some tasty crisps (see more inflatable mascots here
Karuojisan is a mascot for Meiji, which is a large confectionary company in Japan which specializes in chocolate. Karuojisans moustache is very neat, joining with his beard seamlessly. The overall effect is very zen.

28. The dude
Spotted in Okinawa this old dude is living a happy life waving to passers-by, shirtless in the warm okinawan sun. His moustache combines both a sophistication and carefree look which isn’t easy to achieve.

29. Biker
The Biker moustache is also known as the horseshoe. The style is slightly similar to the Fu Manchu, consisting of a full moustache with vertical extensions from the corners of the lips down to the jawline and resembling an upside-down horseshoe. This biker sits on top of a discount Liquor store in Decatur, Illinois in America.

Photo © Debra Jane Seltzer

Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan

30. Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan is a mythological giant lumberjack from America. One story noted that he was eight feet tall and weighed 300 pounds! The mascot is actually a variation of the muffler man however the Paul Bunyan character was created first. The mascots of him depict his moustache is many different styles but my all time favourite is the last image which shows the Paul Bunyan from Bemidji in Minnesota. The moustache is incredibly straight, it defies logic, it challenges and surprises the viewer. Bravo Mr Bunyan.

Photo 1-2 © Debra Jane Seltzer
Photo 5 © sfPhotocraft

To find out more about Movember visit the official website. If you’ve enjoyed this post and would like the chance to win a signed copy of idleidol and also help a charity at the same time all you have to do is sponsor us!! During the month of November we’re growing moustaches for Movember and raising money for cancers that affect men. If you’d like to sponsor us please donate money to John or Edward via the movember website. At the end of the month the person who has made the largest donation will receive a copy of the book. Any donations are greatly appreciated, thank you.

If you have any suggestions on which mascot we should model our moustaches on let us know in the comments below.

Sent to us from our mum is this Celtic limestone head of a chieftain or hero from Msecke Zebrovice, Bohemia (Prague: National Museum) from around 300 BC. Not quite an idle idol but too cool not to include here. Thanks mum.