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New Sato-chan

New Sato mascots

Sato-chan dressed up

One piece and Sato

New Sato-chan

One of the first posts on the Idle Idol site was about Sato-chan and Satoko-chan. In the previous post I described Shimizu Pharmacy in Ginza and it’s small museum dedicated to the pair of elephants. I was once again passing by the store when I quickly noticed a new Sato-chan mascot outside. This design marks the latest in a long line of alterations since it’s inception in 1955. The earliest model I’ve found is from 1965 and is my favourite. The design didn’t change much over the years until 1982. The only version of this design I’ve found was painted over in white and placed outside a hairdressers in Omotesando, Tokyo. The next change was in 1993, the eyes are the most noticeable difference and he’s the skipping pose lost in favour of a standing position. In 2000 there are more small changes, the face and body becoming more round and streamlined. You can see this model wearing the blue coat. Which leads us to the latest design. The most obvious difference is the eyes which now have colour (green for Sato-chan and pink for Satoko-chan).

The final photos on the page show the previous model dressed up as various characters from the anime One Piece which I also spotted recently.

What do you think of the latest design, let me know in the comments.