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Peko-chan Museum

Peko-chan Museum

2010 marks the 100th year for Fujiya the confectionery company. It’s also the 60th anniversary of Peko-chan, the mascot for the company. To celebrate Fujiya have opened the Peko-chan museum with a seemingly endless supply of Peko-chan related products and a number of mascots from Peko-chans career. The mascots on display include a very early papermache model and the latest talking Peko-chan from 2010. The museum is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Sept. 6th (2010) and is free to enter.

I saw the first talking Peko-chan mascot at the exhibition, when I touched her hand she challenged me to a game of rock paper scissors but apparently is capable of saying more than 90 other phrases. The new mascot isn’t radically different in design. The hair colour is lighter and the tongue slightly bigger. According to the Japan Times

Fujiya President Yasufumi Sakurai said the company plans to place the talking Peko-chans at some 100 stores across the nation over the next year.

Also on display is a Peko-chan robot dressed as a princess. The mascot can sing the Fujiya theme song and even answer questions. I particularly liked seeing how the Peko-chan character has evolved over the years. Also the Peko-chan kimono is funny.