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Japan’s Tower Mascots

Kyoto tower mascot

Tokyo Tower mascot

Japan Tower Mascots

Tokyo sky tree mascot

Tokyo sky tree tower mascot

Tower Mascots

Tawawa-chan awaits you inside Kyoto Tower and in Tokyo Tower there are the Noppon Brothers. Almost all the observation Towers in Japan have their own mascot. If they don’t have an Idle Idol they’ll almost certainly have a kigirumi (fur suit).

Opposite Kyoto station stands Kyoto Tower an observation tower and the tallest structure in the city. The steel tower has an observation deck at 100 meters and stands on top of a 9-story building. It was built to coincide with the Olympics in 1964 and is modelled on a Japanese candle.Tawawa-chan was created for the 40th anniversary of the tower. She has a thing for tall guys and on Valentine’s Day gives chocolates to the Noppon brothers.

Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 to house antennas for broadcasting and observation decks. Influenced by the design of the Eiffle Tower, Tokyo Tower has become an equally iconic part of the landscape. The tower is 332.5 metres and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. The Noppon brothers were also created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their tower. The older brother wearing blue dungarees is quiet, shy and cool. The younger dressed in red is cheerful and lively but gets lonely when away from his friends. The twins can be seen outside the tower but not at the same time unless it’s a special event.

At the bottom of the page you can see all the main tower mascots in Japan and below, which tower they represent and where you can find them.

  • Toripi (Dream Port Tower – TOTTORI)
  • Tawawa-chan (Kyoto Tower – KYOTO)
  • Noppi (Higashiyama Sky Tower – AICHI)
  • Tawa-kun (Play Park Gold Tower – KAGAWA)
  • Fuuta-kun (Fukuoka Tower – FUKUOKA)
  • Mizurin (Twin Arch 138 – AICHI)
  • Sorara-chan (Floating Garden Observatory – OSAKA)
  • Billiken (Tsutenkaku – OSAKA)
  • Terebitosan (Sapporo TV Tower – HOKKAIDO)
  • Noppon brothers (Tokyo Tower – TOKYO)
  • Kobe Port Tower-kun (Kobe Port Tower – HYOGO)
  • Gota-kun (Goryokaku Tower – HOKKAIDO)
  • Sorakara-chan (Tokyo Sky Tree – TOKYO)

If you want to see what the towers really looks like, this web page has them all listed together with pictures.

Construction on another tower is well under way in Tokyo and has recently surpassed the height of Tokyo tower. Its called the Tokyo Sky Tree and is being built in the Narihirabashi / Oshiage area of Sumida Ward. When completed in 2012 it will be the tallest tower in the world at 634m.

Sorakara-chan the mascot for the Tokyo Sky Tree has just been launched (28/10/2010). Read here story here.